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Castle Loevestein

On this site the art I create will be published in the galleries.
You are most welcome to have a look.

I like to work with quite a few media to make my art:
Oil paint, Gouache, Acrylic paint, Pencils, Conte Chalk, Oil and soft Pastels. 

Tutorials for drawing and painting that I wrote can also be found on this site.
Hope they will be usefull:)

People were asking when I will update the site with new stuff.
Hopefully this winter (2014)

For the latest published stuff, take a look at my blog


(october 2014)

At the moment we have some troubles with the theme of the site.
The normal red colorscheme isn't working properly anymore.
The top menu is a bit different for the time being

The FAQ got trunctuated somehow, luckily I still had the original text elsewhere.
This is restored



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