Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers)

About the paintings:

Q:Is shipping included in the prices?
A:No, shipping is not included, it depends on so many different variables.
Shipping will depend on location and requirements of the customer

Q:Is it possible to avoid shipping cost
A:Yes,if you come to collect the artwork at my studio, please make an appointment via the contactform

Q:Can I reserve a painting?
A:Yes, you can for a maximum of 5 days.

Q:Can I negotiate about the prices?
A:No, the prices are not negotiable.

Q:May I use an image from one of your paintings on my website?
A:For non-commercial use, you may add it after you received my permission.
Provided that you place a link to my website close to the image.
The image should be on your server, no deep linking, please.

For any commercial use of images with my paintings on it,
please contact me with details which one you would like to use.
We can then discuss it at lenght

Q:I know you made a painting/drawing, but I cannot find it here?

A:Not all paintings and drawings I create are published on this website.
Studies and sketches are only rarely placed on the website.
Some of them can be found on the weblog
Portraits are only placed after permission of the people on it.


Q:Where can I find your sketches?

A: Some are posted in the blog, but most are not published here.
Some will be used to make a piece of art such as a painting or drawing.

My problem is too many sketches, not enough energy and time to work them all out to pieces of art:(

Q: are your sketches made with pencil or pen?

A: Most sketches are made with a technical pens.
for sketches in the field  I use 0.2mm 0.1 mm and sometimes 0.05mm.
For drawings such as the churches I also use an even finer 0.03mm pen.
The tips are quite vulnerable the smaller they get unfortunately.

Q Do you use Photographs to make your sketches?

A:  I make most sketches from live. looking at the choosen subject and sketching them on paper.
Photographs do have their usessometimes. But old fashioned sketching is my thing not using a camera.

Converting a scene from real life to paper is a great way to connect with it, be it a building or a tree
People and animals don't tend to sit so still as a building,
for details is a camera a  valuable additional tool combined with sketches.