Montmatre Ommen 23 augustus

September 9th, 2014

Great event, good weather, only 15 minutes of light rain:)

Made this sketch during the event itself.

montmatre Ommen 23 augustus

montmatre Ommen 23 augustus

Sketches trip to Utrecht

January 7th, 2013

Some sketches I made during my last trip to Utrecht.
It was a long day for and was quite exhausted at the end.


Inside a new train between Emmen and Zwolle


A coat hanging in the train between Zwolle and Utrecht


Part of the ceiling in the Dom Cathedral in Utrecht


Some stone plaques in the same cathedral

Christmas card 2012

December 27th, 2012


The christmas card I made for this year.

It was also used on the invitation for  Chrismas  for the children of the Kandelaarkerk in Heemse.

All Stippled, I like this technique even if it takes a long time.

Very happy with this drawing:)



A drawing of my niece

December 27th, 2012







Pen and ink drawing of my niece.
Mostly stippled

A niecedetail small section of her hand in detail



Levensbron Church

November 27th, 2012


A drawing of the Levensbron church in Marslanden, Hardenberg.

Everything is  stippled except the grass.

The original is about a3 in size and took me a long time to finish.

I had postcards made from this drawing


I’m back:)

November 27th, 2012

It has been a while since I posted something here.

The waiting is now over, I’ve resumed posting.

One difference: The images I post will be a bit smaller.

People telling me that they took my pics of the internet and using them as postcards etc doesn’t make me happy.

Pics I post on my site aren’t free to use, they are copyrighted material.

Anyways next post will be a drawing I made instead of copyright stuff:)


Drawing house as a castle

February 15th, 2012

slotpaasbergsmallI made this drawing for a “personailised” bottle of wine  I gave at a friends wedding.
Extende the house on the drawing to look like a castle.

Many French wines are called chateau X or Y  So I made a french translation of the streetname and made a beutiful label with a print and glued it to a bottle of wine.

Was quite a lot of work for a personalised label on a bottle, but I had the time to make it and any less effort for my friends wedding would feel cheap..

Kept the original for now..

Pen and ink

The ship Batavia, progress report 4 (WiP)

February 8th, 2011

Mainly did a portion of the main mast today.
The newly added ink texture  makes a lot of difference.

Also did a bit of work on a rope and more additions to the texture of the aft mast.

Here is the result so far:

Comments and questions are allways welcome

The ship Batavia, progress report 3 (WiP)

December 5th, 2010

Added more rigging and more details.
Also made another layer onto the aftmast.

Here is the result so far:

pen and ink drawing Batavia work in progress 3

Comments and questions are welcome.

The ship Batavia, progress report 2 (WiP)

November 17th, 2010

Did work on the rigging and the mast.

Here is the result:

progress ink drawing Batavia

Comments and questions are allways welcome.