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When is someone an artist?

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Just read this blog What makes someone an artist?

It reminded me of a conversation a while back with another artist I met.
She was a classical educated artist and I liked her art.

I got the feeling she didn’t regard me as an artist, but that she labeled me an amateur because I’m autodidact.
“Everyone claims to be an artist, these days”
No problem with that, everyone is free to label everyone else how they please.

However I regard myself as an artist. Learning about art and making art are the things that fill my day. Actually painting and drawing is kind of an obsession for me.

Painting and drawing is  the thing that keeps me sane.
I can’t do much, because of the disabling illness, I suffered about ten years ago.
 It is a kind of an addiction to me. It keeps me happy but it cost me lots of money.

That I haven’t sold much yet, doesn’t bother me: I’m an artist,  not a salesperson.
Of course I would like to make my living as an artist, but at the moment I’m happy just to live my life being one.

So yes I am a self proclaimed artist:

I invest time, resources and energy in making art.
That makes me an artist.
The moment I stop doing those things, then I’m not an artist anymore.

Making one artwork doesn’t make anyone an artist.
It’s the preserverence that makes someone an artist.

So keep at it and be an artist!

I await your comments and criticism:P
Tell me how you disagree or agree, and also please give the reasons why.

Thanks for your attention:)

Assi Euro Link sinking second layer

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Added a second layer to this painting.
Developed tonal differences on the major elements in the painting.

Post with  the beginning of this painting and background info 

Used open acrylics, must wait a bit before I can add another layer.

Assi Euro link sinking second layer

Comments are allways welcome

Assi Euro Link sinking first layer

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Finished the sketch for this painting about 6 months ago now.
Yesterday I decided it was time to start the painting.

Transferred the sketch to a 30cmx40 cm (12x16inch) panel.
Added the underpainting for the sky, and added a colored layer for the rest.

Info on the sinking of  Assi Euro Link below the painting.

Info on the Assi Euro Link:

She sank the 25 of januari 2003 after a collision with the Seawheel Rhine.
Assi Euro Link was fatally hit in the side. Seawheel Rhine didn’t reverse his engines and plugged the hole to enable the crew to transfer.
After the transfer of the entire  crew to Seawheel Rhine it reversed its engines to break free.  Assi Euro link sank in half an hour about 40 nautical miles northwest of Terschelling (NL).

The bow of Seawheel Rhine  was heavily damaged but she kept her watertight integrity.,She continued her voyage to Hamburg where she was repaired

A series of photographs of this incident can be found at .
I used those photographs and my personal knowledge of the ship as a base for this design. I sailed three months as 3th officer on the Assi Euro Link, ten years before she sunk.

Sketch Beach lady

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Did this preliminairy sketch on paper with acrylics.
The size is approximatly 25cm x25 cm(10 inchx10 inch)
The sketch has it’s rough edges but I like the concept.
I’m considering to make a full size painting of this on a masonite panel.

Sketch Beach lady