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The ship Batavia, an ink drawing(WiP)

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Started this drawing about a week ago.
I visited this  full size replica ship in Lelystad  this summer and made a few sketches there.
Set up the main lines of the drawing in pencil, then got to work with pen and ink. Lots of details, it is going to be fun hopefully.

The Batavia itself is quite ornamented, I’m going to leave some things out.
The replica of the Batavia is an  artwork by Willem Vos.
I myself are not convinced by some of the details. So my drawing is going to be different from the replica ship.
I will also leave out some of the rigging to make the drawing itself better.
Otherwise it going to be a very cluttered picture:(

The size of this drawing  is about 32×45 cm

ink drawing Batavia work in progress

Comments and questions are allways welcome:)

Progress pictures dog

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

I worked on this drawing  for quite a while now.
But only a few minutes every time, carefully placing ink marks can be quite tiresome. A wrong line of Ink is very hard to take back..

But as you can see in the last picture it is almost done.

The eyes and tongue have still to be done. and some of the hair has to be darkened still a bit.

Well see for yourself:P
Comments are allways welcome!

I’m back:)

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Didn’t post in for about one and a half month.
This doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything of course.

Made quite a lot of new sketches, I’ll post a few soon when I have the time.
Also made a few  designs for new paintings.
Unfortunately painting itself has been slow, no real news on that.

Did some work on a pen and ink of a black dog. I’will post some pictures of the progress shortly.

Thanks for your attention:)